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This page provides advice on how to avoid causing a nuisance by smoke or ash from garden bonfires. Such smoke and ash can be very irritating and cause a great deal of distress to neighbours.

If you are experiencing a problem we ask you in the first instance to speak to your neighbour in order to resolve the problem quickly as they may not be aware of the effect it is having.

There are no byelaws banning bonfires or restricting the days or times when they are allowed. However, you cannot cause a statutory nuisance which could prevent your neighbours from, for example, using their garden, opening windows or hanging washing.

If the bonfire takes place on trade or industrial premises, there is an additional power given by the Clean Air Act 1993 where the bonfire is giving off dark or black smoke. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 it is an offence to dispose of waste not from your property, i.e. tradesman cannot burn site waste at home.