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Emergency Planning

District Councils have a significant role to play in a major or critical incident. We are not one of the Emergency Services although we are called upon to support and advise them on occasions. Our primary role is to overcome the impact of disruption or risk to local people or essential services. We can become involved to a greater or lesser extent following a diverse range of incidents or accidents including contamination, fire, flood, epidemic, terror, transport accidents or service interruptions.

We aim to implement procedures to restore the area and provide as near normal services as can be achieved, alternatively we may be involved with advising residents of the threat they are exposed to or removing those who have been left stranded from the danger zone and providing them with temporary shelter.
We work closely with colleagues in bordering Districts and across Buckinghamshire via the County Emergency Planning Unit based in Aylesbury.

Further advice and guidance is available from a number of sources, a booklet is available containing advice on how to prepare for an emergency, or security advice and information on current threats can be accessed via the Home Office Information on Terrorism or to the MI5 website.

To help prepare young people for an emergency why not visit the Safety Centre in Milton Keynes.

  • Pipelines

    The Pipeline Safety Regulations 1996 task local authorities with the production of emergency plans or the modification of existing plans, to cover certain major accident hazard pipelines (MAHP) within their area. The Health and Safety Executive notify the Council of those pipelines that require plans in the region

  • Drought

    The Situation in South Bucks In May 2006 Thames Water and Three Valleys Water issued a hosepipe ban.