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Graffiti relates to any drawings, tags or messages that are painted or written on buildings, walls or street furniture. It is unsightly and illegal and can attract other crimes to a particular area. Graffiti can also add to the fear of crime and can be a contributing factor in the decline of a neighbourhood or area.

Our aim is to remove graffiti from Council owned property and to work in partnership with the private sector to help us achieve our overall aim of a clean 'graffiti free' environment.

Privately owned street furniture (such as BT cabinets, post boxes, railway bridges) remains the responsibility of the owners.  As a member of the public you can contact them directly to request that they remove the graffiti or if you would prefer us to report it, please provide us with specific details of the affected site.
Graffiti on commercial premises or private property remains the responsibility of the owners to remove.  As this sometimes requires specialist knowledge, we can offer advice and in some circumstances arrange a graffiti removal service.