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District Councils have a significant role to play in a major or critical incident. We are not one of the Emergency Services although we are called upon to support and advise them on occasions.

Emergency Planning:

Chiltern District Council and South Bucks District Council now work together in emergency planning and have a joint shared plan to deal with an emergency.

The objective is to minimise the impact of disaster on the day-to-day lives of the community and the environment and to help bring a rapid return to normality.

The response extends our normal activities into the extraordinary circumstances. It may include help with sheltering people who are temporarily homeless (evacuated from a danger area), clearing debris after a fire or explosion or providing sandbags to particularly vulnerable individuals to reduce the effects of flooding.

The risks
Chiltern and South Bucks are mainly rural areas and therefore have fewer risks than more industrialised areas. This does not relieve us of the possibility of major transport incidents, gas leaks, power failures, etc., but tends to reduce the likely scale. Flooding remains one of our most widespread risks

What we do

We work closely with all the other local authorities in Bucks and with a wide range of other statutory and voluntary organisations. We prepare contingency plans and exercises to prepare for responding to emergencies.

Whatever the incident, our role is to provide support and care to the community and to get things back to normal as soon as possible. Once the threat to life and property has been averted, responsibility for the management of the long term recovery falls to the local authority.

Under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, the district council, as a category 1 responder, has six duties:

  • Co-operation and information sharing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Planning
  • Warning and Informing
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Promotion of Business continuity management in the community

To achieve this the Council, in consultation with neighbouring District Councils and Buckinghamshire County Council, has developed an  emergency plan which would be activated were such a major emergency to occur. We work closely with colleagues in bordering Districts and across Buckinghamshire

Business continuity

We have also made plans to ensure that our own organisation does not fail, due to the effects of an incident, whether internal or external. CDC has created a Business Continuity Plan so that we can carry on our services if they are affected by a major incident, such as loss of our building. We have also considered how we would cope with a significant loss of staff if there were an illness or an epidemic.

Personal and family preparation

Do you and your family know what to do in an emergency?  Thames Valley Local Resilience Forum (TVLRF) has produced the Are you ready?   booklet to provide everything you need to know to deal with an emergency.  It has valuable information, hints and tips for individuals, households and businesses, and a handy 'fill in and keep' section for your personal emergency contact details.  Easy to read, this common sense guide helps families, individuals, communities and businesses prepare for hazards including hot weather, flooding, snow, ice etc and how to respond to some incidents.

For further help to prepare yourself and your family to cope in an emergency follow the link below to the government's Preparing for Emergencies website.

To help prepare young people for an emergency why not follow the link below to the Safety Centre in Milton Keynes which is a purpose built interactive education centre for young people.


Follow the Volunteer Involvement link in the side menu if you want to help with your community's response to an emergency and find information about volunteering