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The Building Control Services at South Bucks District Council and Chiltern District Council are working as a joint team based at the South Bucks office.
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The Considerate Contractor
A number of complaints are received each year concerning building sites. Demolition and site clearance are often the most problematical area and we frequently receive complaints about noise, dust and bonfires. It is our experience that if a developer antagonises local residents during this stage of a development there is an increased likelihood of complaints at later stages.

The Council is therefore asking developers to join and participate in 'the considerate contractors scheme'. By following the details in the scheme, developers will hopefully avoid problems and complaints from residents.

Please follow these guidelines:
Be Committed

Carry out all work with proper consideration for residents, neighbouring businesses, pedestrians, road users and persons working on the site. Plan your work with an aim of reducing disturbance and keeping the site safe. Show special care to the needs of the public passing the site who may have sight, hearing or mobility difficulties and those in wheelchairs or pushing prams and pushchairs.

Be Safe
Make sure that works and vehicle movements are carried out with proper regard for the safety of pedestrians and workers. Maintain machinery in safe working order and regularly check the safety of scaffolding and other structures. Sheeting or netting should be provided around the site as appropriate above the site hoarding which should be of solid construction, with small viewing panels if required. remember the special duties under the Construction (Design and management) Regulations 1994 (CDM).

Be Quiet
Noise is the most common cause of complaint from sites. Keep noise from building works, machinery, vehicles site staff, radios and other sources to a minimum. No works should be audible at the site boundary outside the following permitted hours unless there has been prior agreement with the Council or an emergency situation has arisen.

Monday - Friday 8:00am -6.00pm
Saturday 8.00am - 1.00pm
Sundays & Bank Holidays No noisy work

Ensure that only the quietest suitable plant and equipment is used. Ensure silencers are used as appropriate and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Be Responsible
Ensure that employees, agents, sub-contractors, drivers and others working on the site are aware of the requirements of this scheme and comply with it at all times.

Be Clean
Keep footways and carriageways affected by works in a clean and safe condition. Mud and spillage should be cleaned off pavements and roads immediately. Hoardings, scaffolds and warning lights should also be kept clean and in good order.

Be Tidy
Keep the site tidy by the regular removal of litter and rubbish. Do not let temporary buildings, storage of materials, etc., detract from the appearance of the site or become a harbourage for rodents. Burning of waste materials on site should be avoided. Never burn plastics, polystyrene, diesel, etc., likely to cause dark smoke.

Be Co-operative
Display a contact board at the site entrance giving names and telephone numbers of staff who can be readily contacted and who can respond to complaints and emergencies from residents and others. Make sure you notify the Police and the Environmental Health Department of an outside normal hours contact number, so that you can be contacted to take remedial action before tempers flare!