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Air Quality Management

  • Air Pollution and Air Quality

    We aim to ensure that air pollution is minimised as far as reasonably possible in the district. We investigate complaints regarding smoke, odour and dust pollution. Where this type of pollution causes a statutory nuisance we take action under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

  • Air Pollutants

    The National Air Quality Strategy 1997 was established to control and protect air quality in the United Kingdom. Air Quality Standards were created for eight main air pollutants that are known to harm human health.

  • Air Quality - Monitoring

    The review and assessments of air quality within South Bucks confirm that the main source of air pollution in South Bucks is road traffic, emanating chiefly from the motorways that are routed through the district.

  • Pollution Control - Air Handling Units

    Air handling units are incorporated in buildings for many reasons are a potential source of nuisance and if poorly maintained may pose a health risk, this is particularly the case with air conditioning units linked to an evaporator or a wet cooling tower.