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Pollution Control

  • Pollution Control - Water

    The responsibility for public drinking water safety lies with the individual water companies

  • Pollution Control - Hazardous Substance

    Exposure to hazardous substances at work affects many thousands of people each year. Examples of work related illness caused by exposure to hazardous substances include:

  • Bonfire Advice

    We advise that you compost your garden waste at home or take it to a household waste and recycling centre.

  • Commercial Waste

    This section provides information and advice for businesses in South Bucks looking to minimise their waste, as well as providing advice on legislation and the legal requirements businesses have when it comes to recycling and disposing of commercial waste.

  • Pollution Control - Clean Air Act Approval

    The Clean Air Act, 1993, introduced a wide range of new regulations such as those which control smoke emissions and the height of chimneys and those relating to the content and composition of motor fuels.

  • Regulation of Industrial Processes

    This section deals with our role in regulating industrial processes through the LAPC/IPPC/Environmental Permitting Regime