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The council will investigate any vehicle reported as abandoned on the public highway. 

Illegally parked

If you think that a car is illegally or dangerously parked please report it to Thames Valley Police by calling 101.

Untaxed vehicle

You can check if a car is taxed at GOV.UK Untaxed vehicles on the road can be reported online to the Department for Transport. From October 2014 vehicles are no longer required to display a tax disc as proof of payment of vehicle excise duty.

Abandoned vehicle

If you think a car is abandoned please complete the online form below. A council inspector will inspect the vehicle and if they believe it is abandoned they attempt to contact the owner to ascertain their intention. If it is clear that the vehicle has been abandoned they will affix a notice to the vehicle, advising of the Council's intention to remove and scrap the vehicle. If the owner does not contact the council or remove the vehicle within the specified time, we can arrange for its removal and, if necessary, destruction.

iCM Form
  1. Please fill in the details below to report an abandoned vehicle
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