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South Bucks District Council
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Why South Bucks?

Not many workplaces offer such a diverse range of opportunities - all within one organisation. From Planning, Environmental Health, Housing, Finance, IT and more, you may be staggered at the sheer breadth of career options on offer. What is more, we recruit at all levels, whether you are looking for a professional, technical, clerical.

It all makes South Bucks District Council an exciting place to work. And while many of our employees are office-based, if you prefer to be on the move or to work outdoors, there is plenty of scope to do so, from green keepers, to monitoring officers.

What all South Bucks District Council people have in common is that whether your work involves helping keep our streets clean, considering planning applications or ensuring our employees welfare, there is the satisfaction of knowing you are making a real input to the quality of life within the community.