Building Notice application form

  1. 1. Your Details
  2. 2. Your Agent Details (if you have an agent or person submitting this application on your behalf)
  3. 3. The Building you want to work on
  4. 4. The work you want to carry out
  5. 5. What you will use the building for
  6. 6. Charges - If you are unsure about the fee payable please call the Building Control team on 01895 837296 before proceeding. If you are paying by cheque, please make it payable to "South Bucks District Council".
  7. 7. PDF attachments
    1. Please could you forward any attachments to (under 10MB).
    2. When submitting drawings online or via email, it would be useful for you to attach a 'Drawing List' or name your pdf with the drawing reference number and description eg Prop Grnd Floor AA 001/A.
    3. (Unfortunately we cannot accept any other format)
  8. 8. Planning Permission
    1. You may need Planning Permission - Please contact the Development Control team for advice on 01895 837210 at South Bucks or 01494 732058 at Chiltern District Council.
    2. Statement (to be completed by the owner of the property or person/s acting as his/her agent)
    3. I confirm that in my capacity of owner/agent of the above building I am authorised to submit this formal notice in relation to the building work as described and is submitted in accordance with Regulation 12 (2) (a) . I understand that I may have to pay another charge when you inspect the work for the first time. I will pay this charge when I receive an invoice.
  9. 9. Please define your capacity
    On submission you will be offered the ability to pay for your application.

    If you do not wish to pay at this time, select the cancel button when prompted for your card details. Your application will NOT be submitted if the payment page is closed.

    Please note that processing of your application will not start until the full fee has been received.
  11. Statement
    Privacy  - When a Building Regulation application is submitted the information including personal information (i.e. names and addresses - redacted re telephone numbers and signatures only) will be held on the public register in accordance with the Building Act 1984 (as amended) (for the purposes of the Building Regulations Part IV Duties of local authorities). This information is published on the Council’s website under the Public Access for Planning and Building Control. 

    If you want your name to be treated as confidential, please inform the Council in writing at the time of submission setting out your reasons but you should be aware that, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) and Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR), we cannot guarantee confidentiality.