Councils call for views on Brownfield sites

The Joint Chiltern and South Bucks Planning Policy team is looking to hear from landowners, stakeholders and residents to comment on their draft Part 1 Brownfield Registers. It is also an opportunity to submit any brownfield sites that have potential for future development.

The consultation on each Brownfield Land Register - one for each District - began at 12 noon Friday 29th September. 

The consultation follows the Government's introduction of a statutory requirement for Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) to publish a Brownfield Land Register by 31st December 2017.  

Potential sites must be brownfield only (land which is or was occupied by permanent buildings or other structures, including vacant, derelict or contaminated land), and should be at least 0.25ha and capable of supporting at least five dwellings.

The Register comprises two parts. Part 1 will be a comprehensive list of brownfield sites across the districts that are suitable for residential development, regardless of their planning status. Part 2 allows LPAs to select sites from Part 1 and grant 'permission in principle' for residential development. At this stage, the Council does not intend to select sites for Part 2 as it wishes to use the time available to publish Part 1 of the register in draft form.

There will be a separate Register for each District but we're consulting on both Registers at the same time.

A list of sites proposed for inclusion on Part 1 of the Brownfield Register, accompanying maps, an FAQ sheet and all relevant response forms can be found on the Planning Policy pages.

Inclusion on Part 1 of the Register does not guarantee planning permission. A developer will still need to obtain planning permission before starting any building work.

Anyone wishing to make a submission can do so by completing a response form or a nomination form which can be found on both councils' websites. Hard copies of the nomination form can be found in the districts' libraries and also at the two council offices in Amersham and Denham.

The Consultation will run for six weeks closing at 4.30pm on Friday 10th November, after which the Councils will consider all responses and finalise the Part 1 Register for publication in December.