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Crime Reduction

This section aims to give you all the advice you need, at home, on the road and in the community.

Use these pages to find out how to make your personal property, vehicle and home more secure. There are also links to other sites which will provide further information.

  • Burglary

    As many as two-thirds of all burglaries take place through windows, especially those at the back of the property on the ground floor. Shutting them helps but it isn't enough. Often a burglar will break a small pane, and then reach in to open the catch.

  • Home Security

    The chances that you, or a member of your family will be a victim of violent crime are low. Violent crimes are still comparatively rare and account for a very small part of recorded crime; nevertheless, many people are frightened that they, or someone close to them, will be a victim of a violent attack. The best way of minimising the risk of attack is by taking sensible precautions. You may already be aware of some of the suggestions listed below, they seem particularly relevant to women, but men can contribute positively towards women's safety, as well as reducing the risk of assault to themselves.

  • Personal Safety

    How can you stay safe?

  • Property Marking

    Property marking is a way to help protect your belongings by deterring burglars and help the Police trace and return stolen property.

  • Reducing Reoffending

    Reducing reoffending is an important aspect of tackling crime and disorder

  • Young Persons Victims of Crime

    Safe! Is a new service in Buckinghamshire that supports young people who have been affected in any way due to being a victim of crime.

  • Unwanted Callers

    We often have unwanted callers coming to our doors or contacting us by phone. Often these callers will have an honest reason for approaching us, but sometimes this is not the case.

  • Vehicle Crime

    We want to continue to reduce vehicle crime but this is only possible if all motorists continue their vigilance in vehicle security. As with most crime, the majority of car crime is opportunistic so by reducing the temptations your car may present you're far less likely to suffer the inconvenience and distress caused by a theft of or from your vehicle.

  • Victim Support

    Information about the Victim Support Service

  • 101 The new single non- emergency number

    101 can now be dialed to contact the police for any reason that does not justify a 999 call