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Financial information 2017-2018

We have had a number of queries from the public about this year's Council Tax bills and how it adds up to the overall percentage change shown on the bill.

Current regulations allow County Councils to increase their precept by up to (but not including) 5%, as long as 3% of this increase is ring-fenced for spending on Adult Social Care. So, the amount shown on the bill for Adult Social Care Precept should be added to the amount for Buckinghamshire County Council. The total amount in respect of Buckinghamshire County Council then be an increase of 4.99% (or rounded to 5% on your bill) on last year's charge.

For example for a Band D property:

The Council Tax bill from BCC for 2016/17 was a total of £1,160.19; which consisted of £22.31 ring-fenced for Adult Social Care.

In 2017/18, the BCC element of this bill will be £1,218.08, an increase of £57.89 or 4.99%.

This increase is made up of 3% Adult Social Care amounting to £34.81, and remaining 1.99% increase of £23.08 amounting to a total increase of £57.89 or 4.99%.

Unfortunately, the wording relating to Adult Social Care on the Council Tax bill is prescribed by Central Government and therefore we are unable to amend this.

Your council tax - where your money goes

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The information for the 2017-2018 financial year is provided in the links below:

Financial Information for the following can be found by clicking on these external links:

If you require a paper copy of these documents please contact us on 01895 837500.

Financial information 2016 - 2017