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Developing you

The Council depends on its employees to deliver quality services. It is committed to the well being, training and development of the 160 people it employs, to help them achieve high performance.

At South Bucks District Council we are enormously proud of our Investors in People award and apply the principles across the whole Authority. This means that learning is a key part of developing our staff and Councillors and delivering performance to our customers.

The Council recognises that it can only achieve its' corporate vision if its employees are committed to making that vision a reality and to delivering services in the way that the community wants. Our Structured training & development programme developed through the appraisal process will ensure that our employees are motivated and trained to deliver the very best services on behalf of the Council.

Priorities and Performance

Learning and development opportunities are offered throughout your career from induction through to pre-retirement events, which help prepare our staff for life outside South Bucks!