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South Bucks District Council
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District Elections

South Bucks District Council has 28 elected councillors, who are democratically accountable to the residents of their ward. Councillors have a duty to the whole community. 
Some councillors sit on committees which make decisions on a range of different issues to do with service provision and the development of strategy, policies and the budget for the district.
The services provided include:
• Town planning
• Environmental health
• Housing
• Benefits
• Council tax collection
• Electoral registration
• Member Services
• Emergency Planning
• Refuse collection
• Leisure facilities

South Bucks District Council councillors were elected on 7 May 2015. District elections are held every 4 years. The next District election will be in held on 2 May 2019.

The political breakdown of councillors for South Bucks District Council following the elections was:

  • 27 Conservative
  • 1 Independent 

District Election Results