Land Charges

Customer notice

HMRC has notified us of their decision that CON29R and O requisitions submitted to the local authority are now considered to be subject to VAT at the standard rate of 20%.


The addition of VAT must take effect before 31 March 2017

Consequently, we intend to implement this change on 01 March 2017 and will therefore be revising our fees for the CON29R and O and associated questions by 20%.

The statutory LLC1 Official Certificate of Search is unaffected by this change.

In order for us to ensure a smooth transition we have had to take the decision to not accept any search requests from 12 noon on Friday 24 February 2017.

The office will recommence accepting search requests from Wednesday 1st March 2017. Any searches received after 12 noon on Friday 24 February will be returned to you to be resubmitted to us in March with the revised fee.

If a request for answers to enquiries about a property is submitted to the Local Land Charges Section the Council will be entitled to treat this as a request for an enhanced service and a charge will be made in accordance with the Local Authorities (England)(Charges for Property Searches) Regulations 2008. PLEASE NOTE that property information may also be requested under the provisions of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 or the Freedom of Information Act 2000 via Freedom of Information requests and may be subject to a charge under those statutory provisions.