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Chiltern and South Bucks Strategic Partnership

Read about how we work with our Partners to make the best use of time, effort and money.

The Partnership provides a strong collective voice between all public bodies operating across Chiltern and South Bucks, together with representatives from voluntary, community and business organisations. We work together to deliver our local Community Strategy (based on the priorities of residents), so we can make the best use of available time, effort and money.

The South Bucks Partnership had been in existence for some years and was made up of representatives from the private, public, voluntary and community sectors. In April 2013, as part of the Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils' programme to develop shared services, the Chiltern Community Partnership agreed to merge with the South Bucks Partnership to form the joint Chiltern and South Bucks Strategic Partnership.

During 2013, the Partnership agreed terms of reference, set up and authorised a steering group to carry out the main work on behalf of the Partnership and agreed a Sustainable Community Strategy through to 2026. This strategy sets out what is happening to tackle the issues local people are concerned about and to read our suggestions for what we should do between now and 2026.

We hope that you will play a part in helping to shape your District and your future and we welcome your feedback on how well we are doing. If you have an issue you feel is of strategic importance to the District you are invited to contact a member of the Steering Group who will raise the issue for consideration.

You can find out more about the partnership, its membership, how it operates and what improvements have been made by clicking on the links in the download box.

Meetings, agendas, minutes and Councillor contact details for the Chiltern and South Bucks Partnership can be found by clicking here.