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Phone boxes scheduled for removal

In 2016 BT has identified 12 public payphones in the district that they propose to remove and they have placed consultation notices on all the relevant payphones. The District Council has notified Town and Parish Councils of the proposed payphone callbox removals.

Icon for pdf Locations of telephone boxes [55.76KB]

The individual telephone boxes can be identified by the Public Notice that BT has posted in each callbox.

Consultation is now underway, giving residents and Town/Parish Councils three options:

  • Agree to the removal;
  • Adopt the callbox for use by the local community;
  • Object to the removal stating reasons why.

If you would like to respond to this consultation in relation to your local callbox then please either email or write to: Planning Department, South Bucks District Council, Capswood, Oxford Road, Denham, Bucks, UB9 4LH.

All comments must be received by 5.00pm on Friday 16th December 2016. Comments received will form the feedback that is passed to BT as part of the consultation. 

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