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Private Hire

A Private Hire vehicle is sometimes also referred to as a "minicab" and some private hire vehicles are used for chauffeur or executive hire purposes.  Private hire vehicles cannot be hailed on the street or approached by foot on a taxi rank.  They must be pre-booked through an operating company only.  Sometimes private hire companies advertise by leaving business cards in public places such as bars, restaurants and hotels with the operating companies telephone number on them.  Customers are able to call the operator and make a booking for a car to come to collect them.  Private hire can also be booked to collect passengers from airports and are often used for transporting executive clients for various business purposes.  In the case of private hire services, including chauffeur or executive hire, drivers, vehicles and operators (the company taking the bookings) are required by law to be licensed separately to ensure public safety.  All three licences, driver, vehicle and operator must be issued by the same local authority.

Throughout the South Bucks district all private hire drivers must wear a clearly visible drivers badge, which includes their photograph, name, badge number and expiry date. These badges are red in colour and must be produced upon request by any customer, officer of the council or police officer. Private Hire vehicles are required to display a red South Bucks District Council licence plate at the rear of the vehicle and matching red door stickers on the rear passenger doors.  The door stickers and licence plate will confirm that the vehicle is licensed and will identify the licence number, vehicle registration and also the expiry date of the licence.

Anyone considering applying for any sort of hackney carriage or private hire licence must have regard to the relevant sections of the Council's Hackney Carriage & Private Hire Licensing Policy, a copy of which can be obtained from the "downloads" section of this page.