Important changes to South Bucks Public Access for Planning Services

Please be advised that, as part of our ongoing work to deliver a shared Planning Service for South Bucks and Chiltern District Councils, we are merging our ICT systems for Planning Services. This is essential for our shared Planning Service to function well and improve. As a result, there will be some changes which will affect registered users of South Bucks PublicAccess who will need to re-register with the joint PublicAccess website for the shared Planning Service.

This project is now entering its final stages so please carefully note the following steps. 

  • At approximately 11.45am on 24th May the South Bucks PublicAccess website will be unavailable to all users for some hours.

  • Following the above downtime it will no longer be updated with new information. It will be available on a 'View Only' basis and the comments function will be switched off so if you wish to make a comment on a South Bucks Planning Application you will need to email

  • On approximately 1st or 4th June it will be replaced by the new shared PublicAccess website which will show Planning information for applications within both South Bucks and Chiltern Districts.

  • Once the shared PublicAccess website is available, the South Bucks PublicAccess website will be switched off and registered users will receive no more automatic notifications on any tracked searches they have set up on South Bucks PublicAccess. 

  • We would advise that you register on the Chiltern PublicAccess website in the first week of June, because on approximately 1st or 4th June this will become the jointly branded shared PublicAccess website for South Bucks and Chiltern.

If you are already a registered user on the current Chiltern PublicAccess Website you will not have to re-register. You may however have to change your settings or search criteria to reflect the inclusion of the South Bucks planning information.

We will keep this message and the main Planning and PublicAccess web pages of both South Bucks & Chiltern District Councils' websites updated.

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