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Sustainability has been defined as 'development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs' (World Commission on Environment and Development 1987).

This means that whilst continuing to meet our current needs with items such as, food, shelter, human rights, resource equity, good health and economic and financial security, resources which sustain our activities need to be continuously looked after, so they are available to be used in the future.

In the UK, we currently need 3 planets to sustain our activity. This means that we are using resources faster than the environment can replace them - if at all. This is unsustainable, and action to reverse this trend is necessary by using fewer or alternative resources to achieve the same or similar ends.


  • Climate Change

    Climate change is a large-scale, long-term shift in the planet's weather patterns or average temperatures. Scientific evidence showing that we are changing our climate is compelling.

  • What is a Carbon Footprint?

    Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere because of the electricity and fuel you use from day-to-day. It's measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide.

  • Reporting our Carbon Emissions

    The Council has been recording its energy use and carbon emissions since 2008/09, when it established a baseline of its energy use. Since then, the Council has reduced its carbon emissions by 174.91 tonnes (22.98%).

  • You Can Make a Difference

    Climate change is not too large to be tackled locally. You, communities and businesses can each take small but positive steps to reduce your energy use, carbon dioxide emissions, and costs!

  • Energy Generation

    You can generate your own 'renewable' energy at home or at work. Grants are available to help you do this.