Community Grants

South Bucks community grants are now open for applications. 

Grants are being offered to community groups in South Bucks District, with a total of £32,000 to distribute to worthy local causes. To ensure equal distribution across the district grants are unlikely to be in excess of £1,096, grants can be used for general running costs or for the purchase of equipment.

Groups wishing to apply will be required to complete an application form by Midnight on Sunday 1st September.

Grants are open to voluntary and community charitable groups based in South Bucks District, or which work to the benefit of district residents. 

Grant Criteria:

 South Bucks Community Grants aim to improve community assets that contribute to the South Bucks District Council's key objectives and the aims of the Community and Wellbeing Plan, enabling an infrastructure that supports one or more of the following aims;

  1. Facilitating community participation, engagement and action
  2. Enable older people to live fuller, safer, more active and fulfilling life-styles
  3. Improving the health and well-being of the population and reducing health inequalities
  4. Providing an environment for young people to make a positive contribution
  5. Helping to stimulate and support a vibrant local economy
  6. Celebrate the cultural heritage in South Bucks
  • All projects applying for funding must be open and accessible to the public and based in South Bucks
  • For your organisation to benefit you will need to demonstrate how it helps our District, the number of residents, businesses or groups who might benefit and how you feel it helps to meets the Councils key themes.
  • Applications must relate to projects delivered in 2019/20 and can include retrospective applications
  • All organisations, groups or clubs must have a bank account,
  • Organisations must have a constitution and a set of accounts.
  • Please be aware that failure to provide supporting documentation may result in your application being turned down.

Who can apply

  • Any properly constituted group, charity, club or organisation, which is based in and benefits the residents of South Bucks.
  • All organisations, groups or clubs must have charitable, voluntary or not-for-profit status.

Who cannot apply?

  • Individuals
  • Profit-making organisations or groups
  • Statutory bodies/other public bodies (excluding parish / town councils)
  • Activities promoting a particular religious or political belief.

General information 

  • Award of funding will be made in October 2019.
  • Please discuss the proposals with your Ward Member so he/she can support your application, information about your ward member can be found here
  • Awards are unlikely to be in excess of £1,096 for each project.
  • Other conditions may be attached to the grant, and applicants will be notified of these if an award is made.
  • The applicant must acknowledge South Bucks District Council on any publicity material relating to the project.

If purchasing equipment:

  • Three quotations for the project must be provided.
  • If the works involve building works and purchase of equipment to be sited on land, proof of landowners consent, location map, sketch or site plan and photographs of proposed site must also be submitted.

Grants can only be claimed for the project which was described in the initial application.

Please contact or 01895 837306 if you would like to discuss an application. 


Making an online form application

To make an application please complete both online forms