Absent Voting (voting by Post or Proxy)

Electoral Register and voting


An absent vote is where you either vote by post or by proxy (where you choose someone to vote on your behalf) rather than voting in person at a polling station.

If you have applied to vote by post you will receive your postal voting pack (ballot papers) approximately two weeks before an election. If you are likely to be away around the time your postal voting pack arrives, we advise that you vote by proxy instead.

Voting by proxy is where you nominate someone you trust to cast your vote on your behalf. This may be because you are away on holiday on polling day.

You can find all the information you need on applying for a postal vote or applying to vote by proxy below. If you wish to apply for either please return the appropriate form completed to us at the address at the top of the form, or scan and email to elections.csb@buckinghamshire.gov.uk - please make sure that your signature is clearly visible.