Preparing for winter weather

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Winter weather advice

Are you ready for winter? Don't be caught unawares by winter weather. Be prepared to deal with wintry conditions at home, travelling to and from work, in the event of power outages and floods. Here are our top tips for being ready for winter.

Look after yourself

Make sure you have enough food and medicine in the house if you'd struggle to get out in bad weather. Visit NHS winter health pages at

Weather alerts

Sign up to weather alerts and receive the latest weather reports at

Is it open?

Schools and children's centres may decide to close if the weather is really bad. You can get up to date information from Bucks County Council's school closures page at

Take care on the roads

Transport for Bucks will grit all main roads if below freezing temperatures are predicted. View the interactive map to see which roads in Bucks have been gritted by visiting Transport for Bucks.

Look after your neighbours

If you have elderly neighbours, pop round to check they're warm and well and if they need any shopping or help.

Look after your home and business

Thames Water has advice on how to prevent burst pipes and what to do if you do have a problem visit Thames Water

Clearing snow

It's perfectly okay and legal to clear snow or ice from the pavement outside your home. Just make sure you do it carefully so you're not replacing one hazard with another and follow advice from

Getting around

Find out which company runs your bus or train service and keep their contact details to hand so you know who to call if there are problems.

Allow extra time for your journeys as wintry weather can affect road and rail conditions and make journeys slower. Check before travelling for service updates on train and bus services. Check bus services at Realtime Bus Information.

Stay off the ice

Frozen lakes, canals and ponds can be deadly. Ice is rarely strong enough to support anyone's weight. Don't take the risk - stay off the ice.

For further winter weather advice visit

If you need to contact the council for help and support, please call 01494 729000 or for information about roads or schools contact Bucks County Council 01296 395000 and Transport for Bucks 01296 382416 or 01296 486630 (out of hours).