Recycling centres

SBDC operate and are responsible for recycling centres which are found at various local car parks or shopping areas throughout the district.

Buckinghamshire County Council operate and is responsible for the Household recycling centres where you can recycle an even wider range of household waste.

When using the recycling centres please remember the following;

  • Only put into the recycling banks the dry recyclables specified on the outside of these containers.
  • Clean materials only. Please ensure materials are rinsed and there is no food remaining in jars, tins, pots etc.
  • Plastic bottles should be washed, squashed (where possible) and the lids removed. Removing the lids allows the bottles to be compacted safely within the collection vehicles.
  • Please do not leave materials or general rubbish around the outside of the containers. Waste left around the containers can attract vermin, cause litter and potentially cause harm; it is also classified as fly-tipping which is a crime

Find your nearest recycling centre using the map facility below, showing SBDC sites as green bins and County sites as blue ones.  Alternatively visit the List of recycling centres.