Local Government Association's Corporate Peer Challenge

Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils, like other councils, have faced significant financial challenges over recent years as central government funding has been withdrawn, while costs and demand increase. The need to work with less has required us to adapt, change and re-prioritise, but it hasn't reduced the councils' ambition to keep improving and delivering for and with our residents.

As a commitment to learning and improving the way we work and continue to support the community ahead of further significant funding pressures, Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils invited the Local Government Association (LGA) in November 2017 to review the way the Councils approach their work. The LGA corporate peer challenge provides an independent and objective assessment of achievements, challenges and future plans as the Councils continue on their journey of improvement. This was the second peer challenge undertaken by the Councils; the first being in 2014.

Key findings of the report were that both Councils provide good quality, valued services to their communities delivered largely through their shared services partnership. The Councils are well regarded by partners and are politically very stable.

The report highlights that by working together the Councils have realised £1.9m per annum in shared service savings, reformed service provision, and are developing a  Joint Local Plan. The two Councils benefit from highly committed staff and members who are well-placed to guide the organisations into the future.

The LGA's Icon for pdf feedback report [377.2KB] has been considered by both Councils and an Icon for pdf agreed action plan [261.83KB] put into place to take forward the report's key recommendations.