The Joint Local Plan - the facts

Whilst South Bucks District Council welcome the Beaconsfield Society raising awareness of the emerging Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan and potentially the East of Beaconsfield extension we are concerned that there are significant errors in the information published by the Society in advance of their public meeting on 12thSeptember. 

Errors in the Beaconsfield Society publicity include, amongst others, the scale of development, the extent of Green Belt area being considered and the Society's interpretation of likely traffic growth. 

Public engagement and involvement is an essential part of the Local Plan process which is why the Council has undertaken previous public consultations and have met, and continue to meet with, key and local stakeholders and interest groups including the Beaconsfield Society. The Council is also planning a further public consultation.   

The Council are inviting the Beaconsfield Society to meet again with Council officers so that the Society's representatives better understand the Local Plan process and the latest position.

Full details of the current position on the Local Plan can be found on the Planning Policy pages. Check out page 44 of the Green Belt Development Options Appraisal (post preferred Green Belt Options Consultation) document which shows the Beaconsfield option.