Habitat Conservation work continues at Iver Heath Fields

Residents of Iver Heath may have recently seen or heard of some changes at the open space known as Iver Heath Fields. South Bucks District Council would like to confirm that there are no plans at this time to sell or develop the land.  

South Bucks District Council has recently taken over the maintenance of the site from Iver Parish Council and will continue to work closely with local residents, the Friends of Iver Heath Fields and a local contractor to maintain the grassland, surrounding trees, and habitats within the site. Several kissing gates have been repaired and replaced and further improvements will be made as and when required.

The Council will also work with The Chiltern Rangers, local habitat conservation specialists, who work with communities and volunteers to provide practical habitat management. The Chiltern Rangers will facilitate works such as woodland management and ditch clearance.

Iver Parish Council continues to own part of the site in the southern corner and has erected the new fence along their boundary line, and will continue to manage the land in their ownership.

South Bucks District Councillor Luisa Sullivan, Portfolio Holder for the Environment said: "The maintenance of this important open space will benefit local residents and we look forward to working with local groups to enhance the biodiversity value of the site. There are no plans to develop the site or sell it to Pinewood Studios, contrary to local rumours.

"The Council is committed to providing accessible open space for local residents and visitors and will continue to maintain this important site for recreation and biodiversity.  A management plan will ensure the ongoing conservation of the site and we welcome use of the site for dog walking, informal football games and other recreational activities."

For further information or if you would like to take part in conservation work on the site, please contact Simon Gray, South Bucks District Council's Landscape Officer on 01494 732032.