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Barking Dogs


Complaints regarding barking dogs are dealt with by our Dog Warden in the first instance, and then passed to an officer if a resolution is not achieved by giving advice and guidance to the dog owner. It may by that the owner of the dog does not realise that their dog is barking excessively when they are out.

See our Nuisance page for further information.

Report dog barking

If you feel that there are any welfare issues you should contact the RSPCA on: 0300 1234 999

Advice on preventing dog barking

Excessive dog barking can be attributable to a number of things including: loneliness, boredom, agitation and poor training.

Dog owners can ensure that their dog does not cause a nuisance by:

  • training your dog
  • providing your dog with regular exercise
  • asking a neighbour to let the dog into the garden for a short while if you are out all day
  • when you go out leave a radio or television on at low volume and close the curtains
  • contain the dog in one room, preferably the farthest away from the neighbouring property
  • if the dog lives outside ensure that it has food, water and shelter at all times
  • when possible, keep the dog indoors morning or afternoon to cut down the amount of barking