Doing Business with the Council

The Council spends around £10 million per annum on purchasing a range of goods and services from third parties, and welcomes bids from new and established suppliers.

This page has been produced to assist potential suppliers and contractors. It aims to help by alerting companies to the opportunities to supply the Council and outlining the rules that the Council must follow.

Requests for tender

Contract criteria

Contracts are awarded according to the principals of 'Best Value.' The basic criteria will be cost, although a consideration of quality throughout the life of the asset or contract period and also an assessment of risks may also be taken into account. Whilst the Council cannot discriminate in favour of locality, it is committed to supporting and encouraging local firms to compete for contracts.

The benefits of dealing with the Council include the following: It aims to be fair, non-discriminatory and professional. It operates with the highest standards of integrity. It is long established and stable. It has to pay promptly in line with agreed contract terms. The Council has to provide value for money in procuring its works, services and supplies and seeks to continually improve the quality of service provision for the people of South Bucks.

What do we procure?

The Council lets many contracts of varying types from one-off purchases to long-term service contracts.

South Bucks District Council maintains a joint 'Contracts Register' with Chiltern District Council which lists all current contracts.  This is available from the 'Download' section on this page.