Free one-hour parking in Summers Road Car Park, Burnham is coming to an end

South Bucks District Council is very disappointed that the one hour free parking scheme in Summers Road Car Park, Burnham is coming to an end. South Bucks District Council has a signed agreement with Burnham Parish Council that  they will reimburse the loss of income for the scheme. Unfortunately the Parish Council has refused to pay invoices for the scheme for the last two and half years. The District Council does not generate any surplus from the scheme, but it was agreed that the income and costs lost by introducing one hour's free parking would be borne by the Parish Council.  Therefore with the Parish Council failing to reimburse costs the whole scheme has effectively been subsidised by other areas of the district, leaving the District Council with no choice than to bring the scheme to an end and pursue more formal action to recover its costs.  From Thursday 4 October 2018, the free one hour parking period will no longer apply. From this date the charge for parking for up to one hour will be £1.00. All other tariffs in the car park remain the same.