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Financial information 2018-2019

Changes to your bill for 2018-2019: Buckinghamshire County Council charges

Current law allows county councils to increase their council tax charge by up to 6 per cent, as long as 3 per cent of this increase is spent on adult social care.

This means there are two separate amounts shown on your bill for Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC):

  • 2.99 per cent for BCC services (rounded to 3 per cent on your bill)
  • 3 per cent for adult social care

The total amount for BCC (including the adult social care precept) has increased by 5.99 per cent. For clarity the Adult Social Care Precept is not a simple 3% increase on last year's Adult Social Care charge. Set out below is an example of how this charge is calculated.

Example: for a Band D property

Charge for Bucks CC for 2017/2018- £1,218.08 (includes £57.12 for adult social care)

Charge for Bucks CC for 2018/2019- £1,291.04

The increase is £72.96 or 5.99 per cent.

The increase is made up of:

  • 2.99 per cent (rounded to 3 per cent on your bill) for BCC services amounting to £36.42 (£1,218.08 x 2.99 per cent) and
  • 3 per cent for adult social care amounting to £36.54 (£1,218.08 x 3 per cent);

Central government has set out how the increases are calculated and how the percentage increases are worked out. The way the information relating to adult social care has to be shown on your council tax bill is also set by central government. Local authorities are required to follow these instructions

The following leaflet contains information about your council tax bill for 2018-2019

Your Council Tax

The following infographics show where your council tax goes based on you property band. Select your band from the list below.

Council Tax Band D Image
Example: band D property

Where your money goes


Downloadable leaflets

Thames Valley Police Financial Information 2018/2019 (PDF) [1MB]

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