Submitting a Householder application


If you wish to extend or make changes to a dwellinghouse or in the grounds of a dwellinghouse (eg fences, walls, outbuildings) then a Householder application may be appropriate.

Do you need planning permission?

Some minor works might not need planning permission and could be carried out as Permitted Development (PD). If you have not done so already, it is worthwhile finding out whether planning permission is required for your proposed works. 

Please note that for planning purposes, a flat or maisonette is not classed as a dwellinghouse and so full planning permission would be required. 

What should you consider before preparing your application?

Initially you should find out if there are any constraints that apply to your property. For example, is it in Green Belt, a Conservation Area or a Flood Zone; is it a Listed Building; are there any protected trees.  Any such constraints will need to be taken into account when you are preparing you application. Certain properties such as Listed Buildings may also need other permissions. Please refer to our advice on Constraints

We would always encourage you to talk to your neighbours before you submit an application. It is likely that they will be concerned about how the work might affect them and keeping them informed may help things go more smoothly later on. It  is likely that, as part of the planning process, we will notify them of the application and it is always better that they hear about it from you first rather than us.

House Extensions Guidance

When designing a house extension there are key issues which should be considered:

  • The effect of the development on the appearance of the existing building;
  • The impact of the development on the immediate neighbouring properties;
  • The effect on amenity of neighbours eg overshadowing and overlooking;
  • The effect of the development on the street scene;
  • Whether the proposal is consistent with the adopted planning policies.

What documents do you need to submit?

Please read the guidance notes carefully, along with our Icon for pdf Local checklist [73.08KB] in preparing your application. 

  • All planning applications must be accompanied by an application form. These can be filled in electronically on the Planning Portal - applications or you can print out the householder application form and send it, with your supporting documents either by email to or by post to Planning, King George V House, King George V Avenue, Amersham HP6 5AW. Always ensure you sign the relevant Ownership Certificates on the forms.
  • A fee of £206 is payable for all householder planning applications. Wherever possible, please pay online pay online.
    If you cannot pay online, you may send us a cheque made payable to Buckinghamshire Council. Please give the site address and your Planning Portal number (if you have one) as a reference.
  • You will need scaled drawings of the proposal. You will also need a Site Location Plan and a Block Plan. Here is Icon for pdf example [107.94KB] of what you need. It can be all on one page (as in this example) or on separate pages. Please note that you can purchase scaled Ordnance Survey extracts from the Planning Portal Buy a Plan
  • If you live in a Listed Building or a Conservation Area you will need a short design and access statement 

If certain other constraints apply to your site e.g. protected trees, flood zones etc, there will be additional documents requirements.

What other matters might you need to consider?

Most works will also need Building Regulations approval which is separate from Planning Permission.

If you want to drop your kerb as part of the works, please refer to our advice on Vehicular Access [Dropped Kerb] and hard surfacing

There may be other civil matters outside of the scope of the planning system to take into consideration.