Profile of the area


Find local area profiles and demographic information about the area. Information is taken from a variety of sources with many statistics taken from the 2011 Census.

Local information is taken from a variety of sources, including the 2011 Census. Ward Profiles have been created for each of the 12 Ward areas within South Bucks, effective from May 2015. The profile aims to provide an overview of information about the area covering information such as population figures, household statistics and information on education.

A map appears on the front page of each profile, with green hashed areas and green boundaries representing the LSOAs used to form the ward. The new ward boundaries appear in red, with brown boundaries where the LSOA and new Ward boundaries converge. There may be some peculiarities; however this is the "best fit" obtainable with data currently available.

Ward profiles can be viewed below. Additionally, Bucks Business First have prepared local economic reports which you can also view using the below external link.