Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme - scheme currently suspended

The Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme (RDGS) has been set up to assist people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness secure private rented accommodation.

The initial costs involved in securing accommodation in the private rented sector can be very high. Most landlords require one month's rent in advance and a one month deposit. For most people who are on low income this can present a real challenge. This is why the RDGS was launched by the Council in 2002, to provide deposit guarantee certificates on behalf of potential tenants who cannot raise the deposit themselves.

What is a Rent Deposit Guarantee Certificate?

This is a certificate issued by the Council at the start of the tenancy to confirm that the Council will pay a landlord up to the agreed amount for damage to their property or rent arrears. If a landlord claims against the Deposit Guarantee Certificate, the tenant will be recharged by the Council for the amount.

Currently the council will guarantee one month's rent for the period of the initial tenancy agreement (normally twelve months).  Should the tenancy be renewed beyond that date the Deposit Guarantee may continue with the council's agreement,  however it will decrease by 1/12  every month over the next year, to a nil balance by the end of year two.  The tenant would need to arrange to replace the deposit from their own funds by the end of that period.