Land Charges



What is a Local Land Charges Search?

A Local Land Charge is a liability or burden imposed on land which will become binding on successive owners.

Examples of these charges include: Conditional Planning Permissions, Financial Charges, Legal Agreements, Planning Agreements, Enforcement Notices, Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas, Tree Preservation Orders.

Any potential new owner needs to be aware of the existence of any charges as they are enforceable by the Council.

If a request for answers to enquiries about a property is submitted to the Local Land Charges Section the Council will be entitled to treat this as a request for an enhanced service and a charge will be made in accordance with the Local Authorities (England)(Charges for Property Searches) Regulations 2008.

PLEASE NOTE that property information may also be requested under the provisions of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 or the Freedom of Information Act 2000 via Freedom of Information requests and may be subject to a charge under those statutory provisions.

Submitting a Local Authority Land Charges Search

The LLC1 form is a request to search the local land charges register only. Please ensure that the form is completed in full.

The Con29R form consists of a number of 'required' enquiries and these are answered by different departments within the Council, with the exception of the highway questions, which are answered by Bucks County Council.

The Con29O form consists of pre-determined optional enquiries which you may wish to ask about. Included in these optional questions is now the Commons Registration search question.

All these forms may be submitted independently of each other but please ensure that 2 copies of the plan, with the area to be search clearly outlined, is submitted with the above forms.

Ensure that the correct fees are included.


When property or land is being purchased we strongly recommend that a full official search is carried out.

We aim to return searches within 3 working days from time of acceptance.

Personal Search

Alternatively, anyone may make a personal search of the Local Land Charges Register held at the Council Offices.

To carry out a personal search you should call 01895 837370 or 01895 837329 for an appointment.

A plan of the land or property to be searched must be submitted in advance by email

In relation to the Planning Register - the relevant plotting sheet reference will be provided. The plotting sheets are available to view at the Councils reception.

Searchers are reminded however that the planning history from approx. 1995 is available with public access on the Councils website.

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Submitting a Local Authority Land Charges Search

By post to:
Land Charges Section
South Bucks District Council
King George V House
King George V Road

DX 50711 Amersham

Electronic submission:

There are currently two options to submit electronically

NLIS - National Land Information Service

The National Land & Property Information Service (NLIS) provides electronic local authority property searches across England and Wales via a number of channels.

TM Search Choice

TM Search Choice is an independent private company which also offers electronic searches.
Also, any search received by post or DX can be returned via e-mail on request, if an address is provided. When submitting any search, please ensure that two copies of a plan, with the area to be searched clearly outlined, are included.