South Bucks District Council will participate in legal proceedings regarding formation of new unitary council in Buckinghamshire

South Bucks District Council's Cabinet has today decided to participate in legal proceedings regarding the formation of a new unitary council in Buckinghamshire.

The council, along with the other Buckinghamshire district councils, were disappointed with the recent decision of the Secretary of State regarding the way in which the new unitary council for Buckinghamshire will be set up.

All four District Councils decided at meetings of their Cabinets not to consent to the Regulations which were laid before Parliament last Monday (14/1).

Following this, last Friday, (18/1), Chiltern and Wycombe District Councils wrote to the Secretary of State as a preliminary step to legal proceedings.

Today, following discussions at an Extraordinary Meeting of the Cabinet, South Bucks District Council decided they will participate in proceedings for judicial review of decisions taken by the Secretary of State.

Councillor Nick Naylor, Leader of South Bucks District Council, said: "We have a duty to promote and protect the interest of our communities and I passionately believe that taking this action is in the best interests of our residents.

"Our aim is not to hinder the creation of the new Council. Our aim is to build an excellent Council based on partnerships with all the other Buckinghamshire authorities. A new Council that is democratic, fair, and able to provide the best services for our communities.

"The challenge is about getting the structure right for the future, doing what is right for Bucks, and not slavishly following other councils' unitary models around the country which may not be appropriate or up to date for what we are currently working towards in Buckinghamshire.

"If we get this wrong now, the consequences will be felt for generations to come.

"I regret that we are in this position and we have thought long and hard about whether to take this step. It is with great reluctance that we take this action but we feel that the government has left us no alternative. If this is what it takes to protect our residents and build a strong Buckinghamshire for the future, this is what we will do."