What happens when we receive a planning application?


When we receive your application, it will go through a validation process to ensure that the documents received are complete, accurate and sufficient and also that the relevant fee has been received.

In preparing your application, please refer to Planning Application Requirements section.

Please note that all plans submitted must have a scale bar, a plan/drawing number and you must also send us the necessary fee. Any applications missing any of these things will not be made valid.

We will notify you in writing (by email if you have given us an email address) of any omissions or inaccuracies in the submitted details. Once a complete and correct application has been received, it will be formally registered as valid and allocated to a Planning Officer. You (or your agent if they have submitted an application on your behalf) will receive a letter of acknowledgement, which sets out when you can expect to receive a decision, the application reference number and contact details of the case officer dealing with your application. Once valid, your application will be available to view online via Public Access and in the Council Offices and, dependent on the nature of the application, it may be publicise and subject to consultee and subject to public comment

In general, the Council aims to deal with all planning applications within 8 weeks, and all larger scale developments within 13 weeks.

It may be decided by the Planning Officers under Delegated Authority or by Planning Committee.