Councils team up to tackle weeds

South Bucks District Council is running a trial in partnership with Buckinghamshire County Council to tackle weeds growing on road edges in the South Bucks Council area.

A change in policy meant that Bucks County Council ceased weed spraying activities several years ago, but this trial offers a more affordable and joined up approach to tackling a growing problem. 

Street sweepers used across South Bucks have been retrofitted with weed spraying kits, allowing the sweepers to spray weeds with herbicides as they go about their daily business along the kerb edge.  

The sweepers will later use specialist steel brushes to help clear the sprayed weeds where possible.

If the trial proves to be a success, the Councils hope to continue the programme on a permanent basis.

Cllr Luisa Sullivan, South Bucks portfolio holder for environment,  said: "Weeds are unsightly and can cause problems with roads and pavements if they are not kept under control. We hope this will be an effective and efficient way of tackling two jobs at once and it's an excellent demonstration of successful partnership working between the District and County Council."

Cllr Mark Shaw, Bucks County Council cabinet member for transportation, said: "If this joint trial is a success, we would hope to roll it out across South Bucks on a permanent basis so that we can ensure the roads are well maintained and free of weeds."