Working from home

If you wish to work from home, some activities will require planning permission and some will not. It will depend on the nature of both the business activity and the property from which it is to be carried out and whether it would result in a material change of use of the property.

There is some useful advice on the Planning Portal - working from home

It is worth noting that an activity that did not initially require planning permission may, as the business expands, grow into an activity that does.

Other things to consider

In setting up a business from home, there are many other, non-planning, issues to be considered. A non-exhaustive list of examples follows:

  • Food hygiene regulations eg for catering/food preparation activities;
  • Environmental health regulations eg for activities involving food, animals or noise;
  • Social Services regulations eg for activities involving children or vulnerable adults;
  • Trade waste disposal;
  • Advertisement regulations;
  • Business rates;
  • Business fuel tariffs;
  • Restrictions on business use of premises by covenant, mortgage lender or landlord;
  • Health and safety;
  • Property and liability insurances.